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S​aint Andrew's 

Episco​pal Church

"Lenten bible study"

Join us for Lenten studies on Wednesday evenings 

February 22 through 29 March at 6:30 pm

Lent is a time to  reflect on our relationship to Jesus in preparation for his resurrection at Easter. This lent we will read those lessons that the Episcopal church chose for this season. The readings from the Gospel mostly come from Matthew, but some of John's gospel is read as well. We will read these lessons and the psalms and other books from the bible and discuss what we "hear" or feel or notice about them. Then on the following Sunday we get to hear the sermon that Fr. Reid shares often reflecting some thoughts that were shared during our group study. The study of God's word is a worthwhile lenten discipline that many don't get to make time for. We hope you'll come join us for this worthwhile endeavor.

Come for soup and bread at 6 pm - class follows at 6:30: We look forward to seeing you there!

April 2nd-April 9th

Spend the week with us in a week of commemorations of the events of Christ’s Passion – a unique combination of prayer, reflection, worship, music, and, yes, JOY!

2 April - Palm Sunday 10:30 am Holy Eucharist II

       Our liturgy will include a festive re-creation of Christ’s triumphal entry into          Jerusalem.

6 April - Maundy Thursday

       Noon Maundy Thursday Liturgy at St Alban’s Church, Elberton

       6 pm Agapé Supper

Join us for a simple meal of fish, bread, olives, and other Mediterranean fare. The name “Maundy Thursday” derives from the Latin, “mandatum,” or commandment. In keeping with Christ’s commandment “that you love one another as I have loved you” and in commemoration of the Last Supper, Fr Reid will wash the feet of the faithful. Afterward we’ll strip the altar in preparation for the Good Friday prayer vigil.

7 April - Good Friday

       8 am - 6 pm Vigil at the Altar of Repose

Jesus said to his disciples: “Could you not watch with me for one hour?” We invite you to sign up for one hour of silent prayer and meditation.

       6 pm Good Friday Liturgy

Our Good Friday Liturgy includes a reading of the Matthew Passion.

9 April - Easter Sunday- 10:30 am Holy Eucharist II

       A joyful and festive celebration of the Resurrection!