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Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church

579 Fairview Avenue Hartwell, GA 30643 


Saint Andrew's History

1947 - Church Founded

St. Andrew’s was founded on the faith and the vision of Charles and Mary Eleanor Kidd when in 1946 they moved to Hartwell from Alabama. While attending Grace Episcopal in Anderson, S.C., they began to explore the notion of establishing a mission in Hartwell. An organizational meeting in 1947 was held at the Kidd’s home where the founding members decided to call the mission St. Andrew’s. Over the next several years, worship services were held in homes and various community clubs.

1961 - First Building

In 1960 the small congregation decided to build their own church on a debt-free basis. The first corner stone was laid in December of 1960 by Rev. Frank Fortune, Charles Kidd, Paul Duke, and Eli Saliba. With the help of the many volunteers, extensive gifts, and special talents, the church was complete in 1961.

1987 - Sanctuary Built

Development of Lake Hartwell grew the population of Episcopalians and by 1985 it was clear that a larger facility was needed. Again the congregation chose to go debt-free, and again our faith and prayers were rewarded. The new building was consecrated on November 30, 1987.

1988 - Parish Hall Improvements The following year the kitchen was enlarged, a new Sunday school room was added and the old worship space converted to a parish hall.

                                             2000 - Steeple and Chimes Installed

                                             2001 - Landscaping and Parking Lot Completed

                                             2007 - Kitchen and Restrooms Remodeled

Clergy who served St. Andrew’s parish

  • Vicar 1955-59 Rev. Bill Yon
  • Vicar 1960 - 1969 Rev. Frank Fortune
  • Vicar 1968-1969 Rev. Milton Coward
  • 1970 - 1997 Rev. Herschel Atkinson
  • Rector 1998 - 2001 Rev. Jim Shumard
  • Rector 2003 - 2007 Rev. Cass Daly
  • Interim 2007 - 2008 Rev. Jim Clarke, interim rector
  • Rector 2008 - 2014 Rev. Lee Peyton
  • Priest-in-charge 2014 - Sept. 30, 2018 Rev. Susan Loutitt-Hardaway
  • Interim part time priest-n-charge 2019- present Rev. Dr. Pat Miller.